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Polar Bear company located in Severodvinsk, Russia is proud to offer collectible models of Russian submarines built by Sevmash company during 1950-90s at Severodvinsk shipyard.

Our models make a beautiful and unique gift for the visitors of Severodvinsk, submarine models' collectors and those interested in history of Russian fleet.

The models are sized to 1/400 and 1/350 scale, some models can be scaled to 1/96, 1/200, 1/700, 1/800, etc. of actual size.

All models are made of durable material and are humidity-resistant. A model can also be ordered to come with a commemorative plaque with the name of the model or other text. Additionally, all models are covered with protective glass in order to ensure safe delivery. We have made over 685 models since we started out in 1992.

All our models are high quality and are exact copies of the actual submarines. Many of our models are placed in private collections and museums. We will gladly make any custom model of any scale of Russian or foreign submarines, ships or boats to order. Model price will be determined upon receipt of your order.

Please write with any questions or order at the following address:


New 1/350 scale SSN Skipjack (USA) resin kit. Please order .

New 1/350 scale HMS Oberon class (UK) resin kit. Please order .


We are building new home page, please check it out:


P.O.Box 10, Arkhangelsk region, Severodvinsk, 164514, RUSSIA

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